Business Matters: 38% of YouTube's July U.S. Visitors Watched a Vevo Video
Business Matters: 38% of YouTube's July U.S. Visitors Watched a Vevo Video

VEVO is heading further down the social path, with new Facebook integrations, iTunes Matching, and collaborations with The Echo Nest transforming the company from a static service delivering music videos to a personalized music discovery device that knows its users' preferences and likes and generates individualized playlists and recommendations for them.

VEVO's Facebook integration may be the most significant advance, especially coming as the rumblings about a potential Facebook-VEVO deal continue to persist. Beginning today (March 9), VEVO users will only be allowed to log in to the site using their Facebook login, allowing the video streaming service access to a user's Facebook likes and social listening history. VEVO plans to use this information to create a "Facebook playlist," lining up music videos that a user may be interested in or may have viewed that day. Combined with iTunes Match, which scans iTunes listening history to create a similar video playlist, and its collaboration with The Echo Nest for music recommendation, VEVO will have access to a lot of information on the listening habits and preferences of its user base.

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The company has also improved its product in other ways, adding a larger video player, enhancing video quality, enabling continuous playback, and incorporating features such as song lyrics and artist news headlines directly into the site. VEVO has also launched its Xbox app, which is aiming to bring music videos back into the living room, and has partnered with Disney ahead of the release of "John Carter," out today.

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"The new VEVO isn't done, it's only the beginning," said Michael Cerda, SVP of Product at VEVO, in a press release. "In fact the best product experiences are never done. They live, breathe and get better over time."