There was a long, slow line outside's party Saturday night at SXSW - perfect for talking to Mat Whittington of C3 Artist Management about what he's looking forward to in Austin this year.'s SXSWi Blog: All Our Coverage

BBB: What are you looking forward to at SXSW?
Mat Whittington: Not chasing the festival.

BBB: Has it become too big to manage?
MW: I think it's unmanageable to do all the things you want to do, certainly, so you kind of have to do a lot more leg-work in the beginning to kind of get a sense of what you really want to do and who's really going to be here, and then try to leave yourself enough time for some serendipitous things to happen -- those are always the coolest anyway.

BBB: Is there any serendipity happening outside the party?
MW: I would say no, currently. It seems very regimented.

BBB: What acts are you looking forward to seeing?
MW: I'm looking forward to seeing Of Monsters and Men. Our band, Delta Spirit, are going to have a great, great week. We've got their record coming out on Tuesday. But with their record out this week and the amount of press and shows they're playing, it's whoever is playing their shows is who I am going to end up seeing.

BBB: Any part of Interactive you're especially looking forward to?
MW: I think the StumbleUpon party or event was this afternoon and I [missed] it, but I really like that app a lot and I'd really like to talk to them at some point just because I think it's a really cool thing. It's like shuffle for the Internet. is all over South by Southwest and SXSWi 2012 -- check back several times a day for the latest!