BandPage today announced that it had reached the 500,000 artist landmark (up from 250,000 just six months ago), with half a million musicians now using Facebook's most popular music app. To mark the milestone, and to celebrate its 2-year anniversary at SXSW this year, BandPage is rolling out a number of new features to benefit artists and their fans.

The site will allow for an expanded interface, meaning artists can utilize a wider design to host images and video, will send notifications to fans who have liked a particular artist every time that BandPage is update with new content, whether it be photos, video, songs, or tour dates, and will also make sharing easier with a single click. They will also begin sending chart information to Billboard, keeping the company abreast on trends and news from its cadre of musicians.

BandPage also announced that, through a partnership with rights collecting society SoundExchange, they were able to uncover unpaid royalties for more than 9,000 or their artists totaling over $2 million. "Helping artists to be more successful is core to the mission of BandPage," said director of business development Chris Wiltsee in a statement. "We're really excited to be able to find so much unclaimed revenue for working bands, and to help them connect with SoundExchange so that they'll collect royalties moving forward."

The company will be celebrating its second anniversary with a 10-day party at SXSW at the BandPage HQ, where MNDR and Das Racist will be performing, among other events.