Business Matters: Rdio Unveils Free Listening Option
Business Matters: Rdio Unveils Free Listening Option

Rdio has released a string of announcements in recent days, with a major cosmetic overhaul debuted at SXSW and the streaming service reaching the 15 million songs threshold.

Rdio Announces Major Changes At SXSW Event

Now Rdio has signed on to be the first of the major streaming services to introduce an app for Facebook Timeline in Canada, meaning Canadian Rdio users will have their listening scrobbled to their Facebook profiles and linked with their Facebook accounts, basically operating in the same way that Rdio, Spotify, and Rhapsody already work in the U.S. Facebook users who do not have an Rdio account can click on a friend's song and sign up for a free Rdio account without having to pay for its $10/month subscription service.

Rdio also announced a deal with PRS For Music in Europe which will allow PRS' extensive membership of songwriters, publishers and composers to license their music and receive royalty payments every time their music is streamed from Rdio across Europe.

"Rdio's entry into the market provides more choice for consumers and is a vote of confidence in the growing licensed digital sector," said PRS For Music CEO Robert Ashcroft in a statement, while Rdio VP of Strategic & International Partnerships Scott Bagby added, "We are very excited to bring our service to even more countries, and because Rdio is socially powered, music fans will discover local and international artists across the world."