EMI: Access/Warner Pulls Out of Auction
EMI: Access/Warner Pulls Out of Auction

EMI has settled its lawsuit with Cash Money Records over unpaid licensing fees that appeared to be connected to Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III. In 2009, EMI had sued Cash Money for "direct, contributory and vicarious inducement of copyyright infringement, unfair competition and breach of contract," after which a judge ordered Wayne's label to pay EMI $1.5 million.

EMI Sues Cash Money Records, Rep Says Case Will Be Resolved 'Amicably'

Last week, EMI filed a complaint that stated that Cash Money still owed them $491,176.16, and was suing to get it back. At the time, EMI refused comment, while Cash Money merely said it would be resolved "amicably."

Today, that appears to be the case. In a joint statement released exclusively to Billboard.biz, the labels said "Cash Money Records and EMI Music Publishing have amicably settled EMI's recent lawsuit and their financial disputes on various record releases. The companies look forward to working together on future projects."