The NUE Agency has formed a new operation called aveNUE Music Partnerships, designed to help distribute and promote artists through brand partnerships that are on the cusp of breaking through in the music industry but want to stay away from potentially restrictive major label deals.

Having worked in the past to develop the careers of artists like Wale and Big Sean, the agency is launching this new platform in conjunction with the band The Dean's List, helping to release their upcoming album Generation X on April 3.

"I've seen it time and time again… acts with tremendous buzz in colleges, on the internet, within the music world itself, take a shabby deal that just isn't giving them a fair shake," said Matt Maysonet, NUE Agency partner. "aveNUE Music Partnerships should serve as a beacon for artists who want to maintain their creative integrity, and may be in that transitionary period where they're too big to be considered "small" but might not be "big" enough to get the respect and opportunity from the majors that they deserve."

NUE says that The Dean's List is the flagship, but by no means only, artist that they will be working with through the AMP platform, with new signings to be announced over the next year.