Mark Montgomery founded FLO Thinkery as a way to help solve many of the problems that businesses encounter, and as an investor in the Artist Growth mobile app he's recognized one of the solutions to the problem of building a career through music.

What Artist Growth does is organize an artist's entire career in one central space, from gigs to royalty payment information to social media reminders, and Montgomery believes it's a tool that will help artists manage themselves much better. "If you're building a business around your music career, it is effectively everything you need on your mobile phone," he said.

He also explained that being an artist is directly analogoius to being an entrepreneur. "If you want to build a business for your life, then don't sign up with a record company; if you want to be a star, sign up with a record company," he said. "If you want to build a business and enjoy it for your life and pass it on to your kids, don't take investment capital; if you want to build something and have an exit, take investment capital. It's not rocket science."