Bilingual singer/songwriter Gaby Moreno, whose music is inspired by such singers as Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, has signed a recording contract with Metamorfosis, according to a representative for the label.

Metamorfosis was founded by Ricardo Arjona, one of Latin music's top-selling and top touring acts who who left the majors and launched his own label in early 2011. Few major Latin acts have released their music independently.

Signing Moreno, who hails from Guatemala like Arjona, represents a move on behalf of Arjona and his team to strengthen the label by adding a vocally strong singer and critically acclaimed songwriter. Moreno also appeared on Arjona's single "Fuiste Tú"/"It Was You."

"When I turned 17, I was signed by a very important label in the United States," Moreno said in a statement. "But I didn't feel comfortable when they told me which songs had to go into production."

During an interview with Billboard last year, Arjona said he created a label in order to feel free to move any direction he wanted to in the music business. In fact, he named his label's first album "Independiente," which translates to "Freedom."

"It just feels good to be in a creative space that allows me and the team to move forward," Arjona said.

Moreno's most recent album, "Illustrated Songs," was released last year independently as well. It was co-produced with engineer Ryan Freeland, who has worked with Aimee Mann and Grant-Lee Phillips.