An image of a Spotify iPad app captured in the wild has exploded across the Internet this week, raising expectations the company will finally launch its first app created specifically for the iPad device. The picture was reportedly taken by a Swedish technology consultant and was posted at the Verge blog.

Fueling those expectations is the fact that Spotify is hosting a press briefing in New York City on Wednesday. A special announcement will be made following Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's keynote address at the Ad Age Digital Conference. No details have been given on the subject of the briefing, but it's fair to say an iPad app seems like the kind of announcement that merits a press event. The last time Spotify gathered the press was to announce its API platform and first batch of apps in late November.

The picture posted at the Verge shows a layout that emphasizes album art and recreates the features of the Spotify desktop client. The left-most bar has icons for Search, What's New, Inbox, Playlists and Friends. The controls that run across the bottom of the screen allow the user to fast forward, rewind, skip tracks and play and pause the track.