What is Billboard's "40 Under 40"?
"40 Under 40" is a new report in Billboard's Power Player series. It recognizes rising young executives who drive our business forward with their artistic and business vision.

What is the cut-off birthdate for "40 Under 40" nominees?
A "40 Under 40" nominee must be born after Aug 11, 1972. This special feature will appear in the Billboard issue dated Aug 11, 2012.

How does Billboard confirm birthdates?
Chosen nominees will be contacted by Billboard and asked to provide proof of age through an emailed scan of their driver's license, passport or similar document. These copies are not retained by Billboard after 40 Under 40 is published.

How will Billboard choose from among the nominees?

Billboard editors will choose among the nominees by considering their achievements, both within their company and the broader industry, with an emphasis on recent, measurable accomplishment, as described in their nomination.

What are some examples of measurable accomplishment?
"40 Under 40" nominees chosen by Billboard must offer examples of how their work contributed to a measurable impact in their company's business such as an increase in sales or market share, market ratings, the success of a specific project, or the closing of a specific deal.

What industry sectors are eligible for nomination?
Nominees may come from any industry sector involved in the music business. Individuals who work primarily as artists or songwriters are not eligible unless they own the rights to their recordings or songs and act in a business capacity to market them.

Is an individual who was previously been recognized in a Billboard special feature eligible for 40 under 40?


May I nominate an individual who works at my company, or whom I supervise?

Yes. But you may also nominate a peer at another company.

If I have additional questions, whom do I contact?
Send additional questions to Thom Duffy, Billboard Special Features Editor at Thomas.duffy@billboard.com