As an immensely pioneering, iconic and influential hip-hop group, Billboard has spent the last 27 years covering the Beastie Boys many achievements: What follows is a brief overview of their many appearances in the pages of Billboard Magazine. From their first on April 20, 1985 -- as a four-piece with DJ Double R (i.e. Rick Rubin) in a story entitled "Def Jam: A Label In Tune With What's Popular On The Street" to an article on the first rumblings of the Beasties' 1986 hit "Fight For Your Right" to a piece on the Tibetan Freedom Concert album in 1997 to an ad for "Anthology" complete with Beastie Boys dolls to a 2004 Billboard cover story.

Billboard, April 20, 1985 Def Jam

Billboard Nov, 22 1986 Fight for Your Right

Billboard Grand Royal Capitol Sept. 4 1993

Billboard Oct 11 1997 Tibet

Beastie Boys June 13 1998

Billboard. Nov 27 1999 Anthology Ad

Beastie Boys, Billboard June 12 2004

Billboard June 16, 2007 5 Boroughs