On performing again after his neck injury:
This Tuesday (May 22) is my first performance back since my neck injury on the season finale of "American Idol." It's special in a few ways, teamed up with Idol and Coke on Perfect Harmony promotion in which fans get to help me create lyrics for a song called "Undefeated." Every single week fans have been submitting lyrics and we picked 3 of the best ones every week. The song is now completed and will be performed on the finale.

On his relationship with Jordin Sparks:
Jordin is my girlfied and we're very close. And we've gotten closer throughout the process of my injury. She was really there for me,my backbone. She took care of me during times when she had to work. She would take off and tend to me. In that whole process, we fell madly in love.

On the Whitney tribute and rehearsing for that:
She would not rehearse it for me at all. I begged. So I will be watching it for the first time along everyone else. She felt like she wanted to get out there and do it and not rehearse and rehearse. She's one of the most amazing singers. I told her to do you and do the best.

Dangerous moves:
"I might inch away from the move I was making when I broke my neck. Though I may do things more dangerous than that particular move, I don't think I'll do that one anymore."

Note: he and Jordin are both 22 years old