Robin Thicke:

On Robin Gibb's death: My family has been friends with the Gibbs for many years. Robin's death is obviously a tragedy. The other day I did "Staying Alive" as one of my duets songs; My first single I released as an artist was "Fifth of Beethoven" from the Bee Gees' soundtrack. I've always been a fan. My heart and soul goes out to the family but their legacy lives on.

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On "Duets": Every night you get to see the four of us sing; it's a little bit of a free concert. The exciting thing about this show is the unpredictability of us performing songs that we may have never performed before. The best thing about "Duets": It will be on when all those other shows won't be (laughs). But all of us (him, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles and Kelly Clarkson), we actually have to deliver every week as opposed to sitting in a big chair and manipulating the amateurs. We have to learn the songs and perform them. By episode 3 one duet partner gets voted off each show but the stars don't get voted off. Thank goodness because that would affect my wallet.

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Wiz Khalifa:

I'm really excited about the win tonight. I'm not used to winning anything so I don't know what to do right now.

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On his new song "Work Hard, Play Hard": It means you've got to do one to get to the other. A lot of people need a motivational record. Just life in general inspires me; that and meeting people and learning new things keeps me going.

On upcoming marriage: We have no wedding updates yet but I will let you know." (laughs)