Usher, Shakira to Join 'The Voice' for Spring Season
Usher, Shakira to Join 'The Voice' for Spring Season

Universal Music Australia has a beast on its hands with "The Voice." Just a week after the first season wrapped with a massive three-million viewer finale, the winner Karise Eden has locked-up the opening three songs on the ARIA Singles Chart, and four of the top five.

Eden tops the chart with her cover of "Stay With Me Baby." Her domination of the top five singles chart positions is a result not seen since 1964, when The Beatles achieved the feat of holding all five best-selling singles in the country.

Eden appears eight times in the ARIA top 40, including bows at No. 11, No. 15, No. 21 and No. 36.

The effect of "The Voice" is smattered throughout the sales chart, published Sunday. Contestant Sarah DeBono debuts at No. 4 with her song "Beautiful," while runner-up Darren Percival opens at No. 8 and No. 17, and his version of Stevie Wonder's "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)" holds at No. 37. Rachael Leahcar debuts with tracks at No. 31 and No. 34, while Voice "coach" Keith Urban enters the chart at No. 39 with "Without You."

Produced by Shine and broadcast on free-to-air network Channel Nine, the show was a regular ratings juggernaut which banked 2 million viewers mid-season and often trended on Twitter. It broke the 3 million milestone on its Monday, June 18 finale, making it the highest-rating entertainment show since ratings agency OzTam opened for business in 1999.

The finale's metro peak was 3.366 million viewers which, when combined with regional figures, saw the national peak climb to 4.359 million viewers -- a remarkable pull for a country of some 22 million inhabitants. The finale averaged 2.654 million.

"The Voice" had "exceeded our expectations across its 10 weeks on air," according to Peter Wiltshire, group sales and marketing director of Nine Entertainment Co. Indeed, the final episode grabbed more than double the viewers of the next highest-rated show.

Universal Music Group Australasia president George Ash says the show has also "broken all records" in terms of the chart performance by tracks from the show. During the finale, the four finalists at one stage held the entire top ten of the iTunes singles chart, with the winner Eden accounting for the top three and six in total.

Universal will release Eden's debut album June 26. Ash confirms she's not the only artist who Universal will support. "We are planning to work with a number of the artists from the show," Ash tells

"I can't tell you how excited we all are," Ash adds. "Karise is a very special talent who is resonating with people all over Australia."