Updated: Layoffs, New Appointments at Universal-EMI Canada
Updated: Layoffs, New Appointments at Universal-EMI Canada

Universal Music Group is alleged to have caused a delay to the publication of an IFPI report into market-share by attempting "to put its own spin" on its findings, according to the New York Post.

In a story published today (June 27), The New York Post reports that the London-based International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) was scheduled to hold a press briefing with senior music executives yesterday (June 26) in London, where it would unveil its "Investing in Music" market-share report. The NY Post says that this meeting was cancelled following a number of parties objecting to the publication's contents.

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The Post goes on to reference two unnamed sources, who claim that Universal wanted to downplay the role of major record labels in launching and developing new artists in IFPI's potentially hugely influential report. Universal is also alleged to have requested new wording on growing competition in digital music distribution from services such as TuneCore and The Orchard.

The major label, which is currently trying to gain regulatory approval for its proposed $1.9 billion acquisition of EMI's recorded music business, is accused of refusing to sign off on the report unless the changes were made. Rival major labels are said to have refused to agree to the report if Universal's demands were met.

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"This report suddenly doesn't make sense," said one music source, quoted by the New York Post. "It's really unfair," they went on to say.

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With all four major labels required to agree on the wording of the report before its publication, the resulting deadlock led IFPI chief executive Frances Moore to contact the labels last week stating that the report would now be delayed until the fall, according to the NY Post. Such a delay is likely to push back the report's publication until after the European Union makes its ruling on Universal's proposed purchase of EMI, which is due to take place in September.

Universal, Sony, Warner Music and IFPI all declined to comment. EMI Music did not respond when contacted by Billboard.biz.