Karen Civil
Blogger/Online Marketer, Young Money

Karen Civil got her start as an assistant to DJ Funkmaster Flex, but made her name leading social media strategy for Lil Wayne through her own Always Civil Enterprise. Today, she is a voice in the daily social media loop of hip-hop news, talk and social media sweepstakes (often tied to her core clients).

Christian Clancy
Co-Manager, Odd Future and Frank Ocean

The lone grown-up in the wolfpack that is Odd Future, Clancy -- who helped orchestrate the iTunes early release of Frank Ocean's Channel Orange -- is a big kid at heart. Sample tweet: "Neil Young. Nas. Frank Ocean. Smashing Pumpkins. Fiona Apple. Perfect shuffle."

Jonathan Cohen
Music Booker, 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night music guru (and former Billboard music editor) is a hard-core Instagram devotee, and with the sheer volume of high-quality acts that roll through the NBC Studios each week, you'll get a steady stream of backstage shots, performance closeups, and behind the scenes info on who might be rolling through 30 Rock... not to mention the occasional photo of the Roots wearing leotards while hanging out with Wilco.

Ted Cohen
Managing Partner, TAG Strategic

Formerly the senior VP of digital development and distribution for EMI Music, Cohen now leads market intelligence firm TAG Strategic while also serving as the chair of MidemNet, an international music technology conference. Cohen remains fascinated with industry innovation, from app development to Kickstarter campaigns, and retweets the juiciest stories within the biz.

Andy Cohn
President/Publisher, The FADER

Heavy Fader talk yields news of some of today's most-hyped underground acts, and, often, tomorrow's superstars. Media, sports and branding also factor in, but you're here to hear what's got the Fader's ears tuned in.

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Tom Conrad
CTO/EVP, Product, Pandora

Perspective on techworld, digital news, conversations with digital thought leaders and listening tips from the Apple vet who built and refined the most popular Internet radio service in the U.S.. Sample tweet: "New music from Glitch Mob today: They never fail to impress."

Tomas Cookman
President/Owner, Cookman International/Nacional Records

Curated news of the churning music industry and guided listening from the owner of Manu Chao and Nortec Collective's label and presenter of the Latin Alternative Music Conference. Sample tweet: "This is what sucks about the music industry - majors fighting and boasting over market share. Sad dinosaur behavior."

Jonathan Coulton
Indie/DIY Musician

The indie artist's outlandish humor is on full display here, with tour updates and Twitter Q&As not safe from the occasional fart joke. Coulton's account is also full of the geek satire that his songwriting specializes in. Sample tweet: "1% inspiration, 10% perspiration, 89% software configuration."

Adam Curry

The former MTV veejay found a successful second act when he got into technology. Curry, an early adopter of podcasting, gives his 27,000-plus followers a steady stream of breaking news and links to the "No Agenda" podcast hosted by Mevio, a podcasting platform he co-founded in 2004 that's backed by some heavy hitters of venture capital.

Tony Dandrades
Anchor, Primer Impacto (Univision)

The Miami-based Dandrades is a smart and savvy interviewer who charms viewers every week with exclusive interviews with the famous, but the veteran newsman isn't afraid to ask tough questions. From covering major awards shows to the stories about the music and drug-trafficking worlds, this fearless reporter keeps us tuned in on the airwaves and on Twitter.