Kevin Smyth and Jeremy Johnson
Songwriters, We Sing Your Tweet

Combining all of Twitter's major draws-music, comedy and the ridiculous-this duo turns 140 characters into songs, or "Sweets," as they call them. From a Simon & Garfunkel-esque interpretation of Dalai Lama's musings to an acoustic waltz for Ivanka Trump, there's no tweet too random or absurd.

Eric Snowden
Senior Product Lead, Behance

The nexus where music, technology and design all come together exists at Snowden's Twitter page, where the tech exec dishes advice and opinions on all three. If you like to get technical with the mechanics behind a website, Snowden tweets all of your mobile, online and artistic tips -- with a little political discourse thrown in for good measure. Snowden recently announced via his Twitter page that he'll be leaving Atlantic Records for discoverability startup Behance, where he'll be taking their properties mobile.

Brian Solis
Principal, Altimeter Group

Connected, respected, and well-read source for the latest social media and tech news. You won't see a lot of @ replies from this self-described "digital analyst, sociologist and futurist," but you will see a plethora of RT's and news from the brightest tech stars around.

Rob Stone
Founder, Cornerstone/FADER

Along with talk about past, present and future happenings with Cornerstone and The Fader, Stone takes his followers to VIP industry events by sharing just enough details to keep us wanting to know what he's doing or going to next.

Strut Records
Reissue label

For more than a decade, Strut Records has released landmarks of world dance music, be they disco, Calypso or Afro Beat. It tweets news of reissues as well as recent collaborations between current acts and legacy artists: Amp Fiddler meets Sly & Robbie; Horace Andy pairs up with Ashley Beedle.

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Chris Swanson
Co-founder, Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar

As a label honcho who has had a hand in developing such acts as Antony & the Johnsons, Black Mountain, and Okkervil River, Swanson knows what sounds good. And he's not afraid to tweet a piece of his mind. Sample tweet: "The new Ariel Pink album is far goofier than I was expecting. The sounds are great, but leaning Ween."

Richard Tafoya
Co-founder/CEO, Soundspike Media

After 10 years working in the administration, box office and road crew sides of the live entertainment industry, Tafoya went online in 1995 to help launch With Soundspike, he's using his expertise to become Twitter's go-to guy for daily tour updates and ticket alerts.

The Life Files
Hip-hop/culture Blog

Hip-hop and entertainment culture news with an occasional snarky snide ("Soulja Boy has twice as many twitter followers as Jay-Z... which apparently means absolutely nothing."). Timely, reliable source for breaking pop culture news.

Novelist, Journalist, MSNBC and Fuse Host

The host of Fuse TV's "The Hip-Hop Shop" and co-host of MSNBC's "The Cycle" is a consistent -- to put it mildly -- source of thoughtful news tweets, focusing on world, U.S. and sports news in addition to music technology and consumer entertainment. A single weekday could include a quick thought on the Trayvon Martin murder case, a Dwight Howard trade update, and a retweet for Tyler, The Creator.