Toy Selectah

Selectah is known industry-wide for his creative savvy and is most recently credited for discovering one of Latin music's biggest DJ acts, 3BallMTY. But the producer's true genius shines in making music that resonates with many around the globe. Add witty Tweets, insightful conversations and thoughts and ideas that leave music executives taking note.

Darius Van Arman
Founder, Jagjaguwar Records

Jagjaguwar's fearless leader splits his time between the label's base in Indiana and the bright lights of New York City, and his Twitter feed similarly flies back and forth between political commentary and his thoughts on the indie music community. Back to back tweets on President Obama and Sonic Youth provide a good example of that juxtaposition.

Jon Vanhala
SVP Digital & New Business, Island Def Jam/Universal Republic

Not one to tweet just about his own acts, Vanhala embraces all comers and links to an engaging array of content posted elsewhere online. Tweets in a single hour cover a range from the Killers to the Newport Folk Festival to Passion Pit.

Scott Vener
Music Supervisor, CW's 90210

Scott may Tweet about more than just music, but the seemingly unedited view into his life is part of his charm. He's on top of the latest sounds, even Tweeting once: "I love that I sent a major label their own music before they had it..."

David Viecelli
President/Agent, the Billions Corp.

Powerhouse indie booker tweets about music, politics and social issues, almost in equal measure. Expect a stream of news links across all three fields, with such occasional commentary as, "There is so much empty land within Detroit's 139 square miles today that the city of Paris could fit inside it."

Alejandro Villalobos
Director of Radio, La Mega

As one of the most influential program directors in Bogotá, Colombia, Villalobos is a champion of Latin music that he helps bring to thousands of people every day in his native country and beyond. His postings are humorous, insightful and witty.

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Vive Latino
Music festival

Think Coachella for the Mexican set with friends from a worldwide pool. The music festival features such current must-see acts as Mexico's @CarlaMorrisonmx. This year Foster the People, Madness and Black Tide performed, too. Cool factor: consistent Twitter updates on who to hear and follow.

Charlie Walk
Partner, JW Collective

Now at a culturally focused advertising and marketing agency, the former Epic Records president tweets business affirmations and wry industry observations. Sample tweet: "David Geffen at PBS panel: 'If I was starting out in the music industry today, I'd kill myself.'"

D.A. Wallach
Singer/songwriter; artist in residence, Spotify

An enthusiastic Harvard-educated kid and half of the pop band Chester French, Wallach tweets with a pure enthusiasm for music-when he isn't busy advising Spotify. Links galore to new music, cool videos and observations ranging from silly to thoughtful ("It's pretty racist that record companies have dedicated 'urban' divisions. Can you imagine an insurance company that structured similarly?").

Bruce Warren
PD, WXPN (88.5-FM) Philadelphia

Hot downloads and cool streams populate Warren's feed. Want to download the new Crystal Castles track or maybe just watch a Rock Steady Crew video from 1983? Either way, Warren's got your back.