SoundExchange has released an updated list of more than 50,000 sound recording owners and performing artists who have yet to register with the organization. Rights owners and performing artists can use SoundExchange's searchable database to register and locate their share of unclaimed royalties. Amounts ranging from $10 to over $100,000 wait to be collected.

SoundExchange Partners With Foreign Societies For Royalty Collections

SoundExchange collects statutory royalties for the digital performance of sound recordings by webcasters, satellite radio services and cable radio. For ten years it has collected royalties and, because digital services are legally compelled to pay royalties whether or not artists and labels are registered, have struggled to pay out all it has collected. SoundExchange says its list includes $31 million of royalties that are three or more years old.

SoundExchange Names Three New Board of Director Members

In addition to making its list of unclaimed royalties public, SoundExchange partners with digital companies to reach out to artists. Recently, BandPage helped SoundExchange pay out $2 million in unclaimed royalties to thousands of BandPage musicians.