Bandcamp has absolutely killed it with its new mobile-optimized web pages. Life just got a lot more difficult for MTV, which last week put Artist.MTV pages into public beta and will give it a mobile push later this year. MySpace might as well give up.

These mobile-optimized pages, officially announced in a Bandcamp blog post Monday, make it incredibly easy to stream music and buy music and merchandise.


Every music service has some sort of mobile strategy, so I asked CEO Ethan Diamond about the difference between a good mobile page and a great mobile page. "I think good is being merely functional from mobile, great is tailoring your entire experience for the device." But the proof is in the pudding. A couple days after the soft launch, says Diamond, Bandcamp's mobile sales have already doubled.

MTV Unveils Artist.MTV Pages, Tries to Catch MySpace Napping

An artist's mobile-optimized Bandcamp page is effectively a stack of modules. The album art and a streaming player sits atop the page. The items for sale -- digital, CD and vinyl offerings -- are stacked below in neat order. The title of each offering, the "Buy Now" button and the price are clean and visible. Physical items have shipping information (such as "ship within 1 day") and availability (such as "edition of 500") in small but readable text. At the bottom of the page are individual songs that can be selected for streaming. Pages for individual albums are similar: artwork followed by play button, buy button and credits.

The buying process is a breeze because Bandcamp has optimized the process for small devices and thumbs rather than large screens and mouses or touchpads. Just about anybody who shops online can shop at Bandcamp because it uses PayPal for payment transactions. They've made it almost fun to part with money.