The finalists for songwriter of the year at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards are four prolific composers who have made major contributions in the regional Mexican genre. Here are some of their accomplishments.

Ariel Barreras

Ariel Barreras has become a prolific and sought-after songwriter. Barreras wrote La Arrolladora Banda el Limon's "Llamada de Mi Ex" ("Call From My Ex"), which spent 19 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Regional Mexican Airplay chart beginning in February.

Horacio Palencia Cisneros

A well-known songwriter who this year launched a successful singing career, Horacio Palencia Cisneros continues to win acclaim. His "Nina de Mi Corazon" was named Latin song of the year at the 2012 BMI Latin Music Awards. He wrote La Adictiva Banda's "Nada Iguales" ("Nothing Alike"), which topped the Regional Mexican Airplay chart for four weeks, as well as Fidel Rueda's "Tu Ya Eres Cosa del Pasado" ("You Are the Thing of the Past"), which peaked at No. 4.

Espinoza Paz

Isidro Chavez "Espinoza Paz" Espinoza this year declared that he wants to expand his reach beyond the United States and Mexico to other parts of Latin America. Paz has expanded his resume this year to include acting after appearing in director Patricia Riggen's indie film "Girl in Progress" starring Eva Mendes. Last year Paz was a judge on his native country's popular singing competition, "Voz Mexico," a sister show to NBC's "The Voice." Paz wrote Banda MS' "Mi Olvido," which peaked at No. 3 on Regional Mexican Airplay and his own "Un Hombre Normal" ("A Normal Man") spent three weeks atop that chart.

Gerardo Ortiz

Gerardo Ortiz is one of the genre's most successful singers, but he's also become known for his lyrically edgy compositions called corridos progresivos. In addition, the singer/songwriter launched the label Bad Sin Entertainment to discover new artists. A major winner at last year's inaugural Billboard Mexican Music Awards, Ortiz continues to receive accolades for his music, and recently received a star on Las Vegas' Walk of Stars. His "Amor Confuso" ("Confused Love") spent four weeks at No. 1 on Regional Mexican Airplay while follow-up "Solo Vine a Despedirme" ("I've Only Come to Say Goodbye") is steadily climbing the chart, reaching No. 8 on Oct. 6.