BandPage Reaches Beyond Facebook with BandPage Connect
BandPage Reaches Beyond Facebook with BandPage Connect

BandPage is scheduled on Tuesday to announce its growth strategy beyond Facebook, where half-a-million musicians currently use BandPage's software tools to manage their profiles on the social media network.

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The San Francisco start-up is launching BandPage Connect, a tool that lets artists update their photos, videos, songs, tour dates and other information on BandPage, which the automatically makes the changes to the artists' multiple profiles across the web. That means building connections between BandPage and other places on the web where artists have profiles.

"We think of it as a live wire between the band and all of their mobile and Web services," BandPage chief executive J Sider says. "Instead of having to re-upload all their images, videos or bios for each site or service, they can do it once on BandPage and know that their information is automatically updated everywhere."

Doing so, however, requires building the technology pipes between BandPage and other web platforms used by artists. To accomplish this, BandPage is releasing an application programming interface, or API, that other services can use to establish a connection with BandPage.

Among the company's initial partners are Wordpress, Guitar Center, Midem Music Festival, PledgeMusic, Conduit Mobile, Earbits, StoryAmp, Tixie, Music XRay, Local Music Vibe,, WeDemand and the Social Radio.

Midem is using BandPage Connect to let artists performing at the annual European music festival to update their profiles on Midem's website. The partnership with Conduit Mobile lets BandPage users quickly create a mobile application using the assets that they have already uploaded to BandPage.

Founded in 2010, BandPage has raised more than $18 million from Mohr Davidow Ventures, GGV Capital and Northgate Capital, with seed financing from Larry Marcus, a partner of Walden Capital. BandPage started as an application on Facebook and quickly became the top music app on the social network, used by artists ranging from Rihanna to Tiesto to manage their Facebook pages.

This year, the company has worked to broaden its presence beyond Facebook as music fans turn to mobile and other platforms to consume and explore entertainment. In July, it released BandPage Everywhere, which lets musicians automatically update their band's website or blog using BandPage. By October, 100,000 artists used the feature.

With BandPage Connect, the company is offering to let other types of site add BandPage artists' content.

"There's a need for a better infrastructure for musicians across the web and we're laying the pipes to do it," Sider says. "With BandPage Connect, external sites win because they get up-to-date rich content from musicians, and musicians win because it takes a fragmented ecosystem of sites to manage and pulls it all together."

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