Jesse & Joy's Pizza, 3BallMTY's Label, Carla Morrison's Choice Words: 10 Things You Didn't See (Or Hear) At The Latin Grammys
Jesse & Joy's Pizza, 3BallMTY's Label, Carla Morrison's Choice Words: 10 Things You Didn't See (Or Hear) At The Latin Grammys

Jesse and Joy (Getty Images)

From stories about how last night's big Latin Grammy winners Jesse & Joy wrote their hit song over greasy pizza and badass Carla Morrison's interesting choice of words to Juanes' daughters' hobbies, word of 3BallMTY's new label and
and LMFAO's Skyblue wanting to go more Latin, here's a list of ten things you definitely did not see or hear on last night's show.

Jesse & Joy Win Big at 2012 Latin Grammys

- Jesse & Joy wrote their hit "Corre" with Tommy Torres in Miami over a greasy pizza. "That's the secret [to winning]," explained Joy.

- Did you think Carla Morrison's acceptance speech was a little abbreviated? It was. After saying "Viva Mexico!" Morrison added, "Y Chingada madre," which loosely translates to "F**** A." Yep. Univision cut that last part out. "Well, I don't f*** around," Morrison clarified backstage. In case her love of Mexico and music was in doubt, the alt singer/songwriter tattooed an accordion on her bicep earlier this year.

- Juanes' daughters Paloma and Luna, are interested in painting and music, respectively. But his son Dante is into motorcycles and Ninjas. It's something totally different," said the singer.

- Juan Luis Guerra picked up his Latin Grammy for Album of the Year alongside Juanes without his perpetual hat! What happened to it? "I put on the hat when I play bachata and merengue and I take it off for parties," he said backstage.

- Guerra also confessed he was planning on recording an unplugged album until he produced the Juanes MTV Unplugged. "It's a lot of work," he says. "Now, I'm letting that idea wait a bit."

- Both Pepe Aguilar and Gianmarco spoke proudly about independence backstage. "I've been independent seven years," said Gianmarco, winner of the Best singer/songwriter album. "I'm independent," said Aguilar. "I've been independent for 12 years. You can do it."

- Were you wondering why Latin Grammy events took place in so many different locales this year? Space issues, said Latin Academy president Gabriel Abaroa. As attendance has risen, space has shrunk. Not sure what this means for the future though. The Academy's contract in Vegas is up, so the award show could go to a different city. Mum's the word on what's being considered.

- Backstage at the Media Center Skyblue of LMFAO said that he's looking to expand into the Latin music genre. He performed with the Mexican DJ collective 3BallMTY during the Latin Grammy telecast and says Latin music inspires him.

- And even though the guys from 3BallMTY may be too young to drink, they're not too young to foray into business. Sources say they're launching a label and have signed their first artist.

- Regional Mexican icons Tucanes de Tucanes de Tijuana won Best Norteño Album but not signing corridos, the flavor du jour, but for more romantic fare. Although the group is also known for its hard-core corridos, singer Mario Quintero acknowledges they're not for everyone (ergo the change in style from album to album). "Norteño is like sushi," he said. "Not everybody has a taste for it."