Tunezy Wins Billboard's FutureSound Innovators Showcase
Tunezy Wins Billboard's FutureSound Innovators Showcase

And The Winner Is...: Tunezy founder Derrick Fung (with mic) won the Billboard FutureSound Conference's Innovator Showcase. Seated (from left): Billboard's Bill Werde, Glenn Peoples' ear, shirt & hands, William Gruger, Alex Pham and Yinka Adegoke; consultant Antony Bruno. (Photo: Arnold Turner)

Tunezy, the winner of the Innovators Showcase at Billboard's FutureSound conference, actually has FutureSound in its roots.

On stage after being named winner of the Innovator Showcase, Derrick Fung told the audience how he took a few days off his finance job in Toronto, attended the 2011 FutureSound conference and was inspired to create what would become Tunezy. A month later, after receiving a bonus check, Fung quit his job.

Startups GetMixxd, Playground.fm, Swarm.fm, Tixie and Tunezy
Vie for Title at Billboard's Innovators Showcase

Above the Fold: Tunezy's current homepage and offerings.

Tunezy allows artists to sell everything from digital downloads to merchandise to experiences. Fans visiting the site will see everything from a personal Skype chat with musician David Choie ($100) to handwritten lyrics from Eleven Past One ($5). The company keeps a share of the revenue generated from each sale.

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A Winning Smile: Tunezy founder Derrick Fung (Arnold Turner)

The other nominees in the Innovators Showcase were Tixie, Playground.fm, Swarm.fm, and GetMixxd.