Lia Vollack
Lia Vollack

President of Worldwide Music/Executive VP of Theatrical at Sony Pictures Entertainment

(Photo: Joseph Llanes)

Forging A Bond
More than 18 months ago, Lia Vollack suggested Adele as a vocalist for the next James Bond film, a perfect stylistic fit for 007's 50th anniversary. The idea thrilled Bond producers and the singer as well. During those 18 months, however, Adele's album 21 exploded in sales. "She and [songwriter/producer] Paul Epworth took a long time [with the new Bond theme] because they wanted to make sure they were getting it right," says Vollack, president of worldwide music for Sony Pictures Entertainment. "As we were going through the process, [21] kept getting bigger and bigger and, after her touring and break, she got to a place where she wanted to be creatively satisfied with the song and make sure everyone else felt it was the right song.

My Mentor: Amy Pascal, co-chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment. "I have been incredibly lucky to work for her. She has given me opportunities, support and trust for 15 years. Amy is truly inspiring and I have learned so much about storytelling, working with artists, and life from her both directly and just being in the room."

According to Nielsen SoundScan, "Skyfall" has sold 871,000 downloads and was the Greatest Gainer/Digital on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending Dec. 1. The latest Bond theme hit crowns a year that also included Vollack's shepherding of Pitbull's "Men in Black 3" track, overseeing the music for Sony Pictures' 20-plus releases and taking on a new role as executive VP of theatrical, with Sony theater properties. She takes particular delight in getting a new Dr. Luke signing, 15-year-old Becky G., into "Hotel Transylvania." "It's really gratifying to work with new artists and to give them exposure," she says. "It's not just stars. A lot of people here are open to bringing new acts to the table."