Jackie Wilgar
Jackie Wilgar

Executive VP of marketing, Live Nation Entertainment

Spinning Turnstiles
Live Nation Entertainment executive VP of marketing Jackie Wilgar does what great marketers do in the live business: sell more tickets. During the summer, Live Nation says Wilgar's leadership has driven more than $22 million in ticket sales.

My Mentor: Wilgar says she is mentored daily by the people that built today's live music business, but one late, great promoter particularly served as an influence: Bruce Kapp, former senior VP of talent at Live Nation. "Bruce said, 'show me all of these marketing things and explain them-I want the good stuff-then I will show you what I know, and combined, we'll make some fucking magic and sell some tickets.' Today is no different, and perhaps even more relevant. We have new technology and plenty of 'digital tools', but we are only as good as what we do with them. Combining the technology, customer insight and some gut instinct that comes with industry expertise, can really produce the 'magic' that drives our business."

For this five-year veteran of Live Nation, game-changing marketing tools and her social, digital and mobile teams have proved successful across multiple platforms. Wilgar first introduced the Live Nation 4 Pack ticket offer, for example, demonstrating how strategic promotions can drive an estimated 30% increase in incremental sales per show. The program has helped 200 concerts sell more than 500,000 tickets in 2012. Wilgar created and guided the teams responsible for a 90% increase in Live Nation's social footprint, which now reaches almost 4 million people, and has driven $9 million in ticket revenue year to date. Wilgar also introduced targeted "push" marketing programs, with targeted email promotions. Through her programs, and thanks to the teams that she has guided to implement them, Live Nation has seen an average per-show increase of 15% in concert ticket sales for 2012. That's great marketing with results.-RW