Zahavah Levine
Zahavah Levine

Director of content partnerships, Google Play/Android

(Photo: Annie Tritt)

Work And Play
Zahavah Levine, director of content partnerships at Google Play/Android, has long been at the forefront of new digital business models. Early on, she helped RealNetworks build Rhapsody into the first independent music subscription service. Later, as chief counsel for YouTube, she oversaw licensing and copyright and rights management policies and worked with rights-holders to build YouTube into a new model for online music.

My Mentor: "My best professional mentor has been my father. He's taught me along the way to cope with the challenges of people: from tough business partners to challenging managers to team members who need a helping hand. He taught me to communicate directly, never compromise my morals, and treat people well as one's personal reputation is one's most valuable career asset."

Now at Google Play, Levine leads a team that handles licensing, label relations and label support. Google Play has expanded greatly under her watch. It now offers the music of three major labels and many indies. The store is about to launch in five European markets: the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. And it offers users innovative features, such as a free scan-and-match online song locker. Levine says her greatest success has been the people around her. "My proudest accomplishment at Google Play, in addition to launching a great new music ecosystem for millions of Android users in the U.S. and Europe, is assembling a world-class team of digital music experts who consistently knock it out of the ballpark."