Anjula Acharia-Bath
Anjula Acharia-Bath

CEO, Desi Hits

Crossing Cultures
Desi Hits CEO Anjula Acharia-Bath has built her career on bridging the pop culture gap between Bollywood and Hollywood. Following an initial stint as co-founder of search firm Merchant McKenzie, the U.K.-raised entrepreneur moved to the United States to launch the site with her husband, Ranj Bath.

My Mentor: My mentor: Jimmy Iovine, chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M Records, and co-founder, Beats By Dre. "Jimmy Iovine really understands pop culture and technology. I think that's a myth in the industry that people who understand pop culture don't understand technology, and people who understand technology don't understand pop culture. I come from that background and worked with a lot of start-ups that have grown and done amazing thing. Jimmy understands both industries - and he proved that with Beats - he built a hardware company that understood pop culture and was able to leverage it. It's his understanding of the two worlds that I'm very passionate about and building my business in."

The online destination has since grown into a multimedia platform and Acharia-Bath has raised capital from investors, including Interscope Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine. She helped introduce Lady Gaga to Indian audiences by placing her on TV shows with 40 million viewers and helped guide Enrique Iglesias' tour of India in October. Using her contacts, Acharia-Bath now plans on flipping the cultural switch to bring Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra to U.S. audiences and other international markets. "What's exciting is that we're developing new models and revenue streams in an industry that needs picking up and change," Acharia-Bath says, adding that the company is also focusing on apps and mobile markets. "I'm very much about bringing technology to artists. India is obviously a big component in the tech scene. I'm about pulling these two worlds together."