We Want You For Billboard.biz's Year-End Readers' Survey!
We Want You For Billboard.biz's Year-End Readers' Survey!

Seasons' greetings and welcome to the first annual Billboard.biz Year-End Readers' Survey. It's not a traditional poll -- nobody's voting for anything. Instead, we want your opinions and wisdom on the following three questions:

• What was the most important/influential/impactful event to happen in the music business in 2012, and (briefly) why?

• Which artist this year has been most important/influential in the music business, and why?

• What will the most important/influential issue facing the music industry be in 2013?

There's a 250-300-word limit on what you can write in our Survey Monkey tool right here, but if you're feeling inspired and have more to say, please email your replies to bizeditors@billboard.com. You may also use that address if you'd simply rather respond via email. (If you're feeling really inspired, hit the same email address and we can discuss an op-ed or guest post.)

Deadline is Friday, Dec.14, with the results being posted on Wednesday Dec. 19. You must provide a working email address so we can verify responses. (Your email addresses will not be shared or published in any way.) Results that get printed are purely at the discretion of the editors.

We look forward to hearing what you've got to say!

Click HERE for Billboard.biz's Year-End Readers' Survey.