Country singer Faith Hill will release a perfume in late 2009 through Coty, a fragrance maker, the company said.

Hill's scent, which does not yet have a name, will be made by the same company that makes Tim McGraw's cologne, "McGraw by Tim McGraw." McGraw and Hill are married.

Whether Hill's scent will prove a success in the current economic climate remains an unknown. An analyst told MediaPost, "We're expecting a low single digit decline for the fragrance business for 2008 in terms of dollar sales. And it's not just that the market is so saturated with celebrity scents. It's also that many retailers are lowering prices, so even consumers who like a certain celebrity fragrance are going to be watching the circulars and looking for sales."

Coty specializes in celebrity scents. Acts such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani. Kylie Minogue, and Shania Twain all have their own Coty fragrance. "I had no idea of how exciting and creative it would be to work not only with a great company like Coty, but with some of the leading perfumers in the world," said Hill in a statement. "In one respect, putting out a fragrance is like releasing a new album -- you just hope that everyone will enjoy it."