Sally Williams, GM of the Ryman, says that famed venue is unscathed, and a sold out Goo Goo Dolls show was moved from Sunday to last night. “We didn't have a full house, but the enthusiasm of the folks that were there was inspiring,” Williams tells “Many guests brought donations for Second Harvest, which was mighty cool.”

Regarding the Opry House, Williams says the coming days will reveal just how much damage has been sustained. “In the meantime, the show must go on,” she says. “Tonight's Opry will be held at War Memorial due to a previously scheduled private event at the Ryman. It actually should be pretty special, since War Memorial was the home of the Opry for awhile in the ‘40s before the show moved to the Ryman." This Friday and Saturday the Opry will be held at the Ryman, according to Williams, and other details will be sorted in the coming days.

The Bridgestone Arena and Country Music Hall of Fame are also without power and have taken on water, as have the Hard Rock Cafe and several of the downtown honky tonks that populate Lower Broadway near the river.

Bob Skoney, GM of Nashville's Municipal Auditorium, says his building is without power. "We are currently pumping out two feet of water from our mechanical room, which may of damaged our transformers," says Skoney.
"Electricians are currently assessing the status. We have shows on Thursday and Friday, and are awaiting the outcome on how to proceed. It really is a disaster for our city."