EMI and Capitol Records celebrated Katy Perry's new release on August 24 on the stage of David Letterman's Ed Sullivan Theatre. Katy was there for “Live on Letterman” an exclusive online concert of songs from her new album, 'Teenage Dream' which was streamed live from the New York venue. Katy is pictured here (center) with (from left) Dennis Reese, Sr. VP Promotion, Capitol; Dominic Pandiscia, EVP EMI Music Services & Label Services; Colin Finkelstein, President, EMI; Greg Thompson EVP Marketing and Promotion, EMI; Perry; Ron Werre , COO, EMI; Paul Kahn, CFO, EMI; David Miller, SVP Finance Commercial Development, EMI; Joe Gillen, SVP New Music Finance, EMI; Bertrand Bodson, SVP Global Digital Marketing, EMI; and Joe Rainey VP Pop Promotion and Marketing, Capitol Records. PHOTO: GABRIELLA PORTER