Popkomm, the international music industry conference and trade show which took a year off in 2009, resumed this year on September 8-10 and hosted visitors from over 55 countries who flooded Berlin to discuss the most important issues facing the music industry. This year, Popkomm took place simultaneously with Berlin Music Week , a new music event which ran September 6-12. On September 8, Universal Music Germany hosted about 400 guests at Berlin’s Osthafen, the headquarters of Universal Music Germany, for its Popkomm Reception. PHOTOS: UNIVERSAL MUSIC GERMANY

Pictured here at the reception are (from left) Frank Briegmann, president Universal Music Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Deutsche Grammophon; David Garrett, star violinist newly signed to Universal Music Germany; and Dirk Baur, managing director international division, Universal Music Germany.

Here are (from left) Hans-Joachim Otto, parliamentary secretary of state at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology; Frank Briegmann, president Universal Music Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Deutsche Grammophon; and Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin. “Popkomm is an important platform for us to communicate our issues to those in politics, media and the public. We will never tire of campaigning on behalf of our artists for the rapid adaptation of current copyright law to the digital age,” said Briegmann. Copyright law was a huge topic at Popkomm this year. To read more about what was covered, click here.

Superstar Entertainment was presented with the Diamond Impala Award at the VUT-booth at Popkomm. The award commemorated the more than 300,000 sales, of the song "We no speak Americano," by Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool and producer DCUP. Pictured here are Hans-Joachim Otto, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technologies; Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin; Peter Aleksander, co-owner of Superstar Entertainment; Frank Fenslau co-owner of Superstar Entertainment; Helen Smith, IMPALA Executive Chair and Secretary General. PHOTO: SONJA BAHAWAN

Pan-European indies body IMPALA also celebrated its 10th anniversary at Popkomm with a panel looking at its proposal that the music business adopt sport's approach to collective rights negotiations and talent development. Hosted by Billboard international bureau chief Mark Sutherland, the "A Sporting Chance for the Independents?" panel featured IMPALA executive chair Helen Smith, City Slang founder and managing director Christof Ellinghaus and Reinher Karl, legal counsel of German indies body VUT. During the panel Smith called for the introduction of "transfer fees" for acts that move from the independent sector to major labels. Pictured during the panel are (from left) Karl; Smith; Ellinghaus and Sutherland.

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