Backbeat: Johnny Marr, Best Coast Rock Ray Ban Party
Backbeat: Johnny Marr, Best Coast Rock Ray Ban Party

Last Thursday, Ray Ban hosted a party at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in the Lower East Side to celebrate its "Raw Sounds" project. The event featured performances by Johnny Marr and the Healers, Best Coast, Mona, and Au Revoir Simone.

Smiths/Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr tries on his self-designed pair of Signet Ray Bans. (Photo: WireImage)

The Raw Sounds project is an artist collaboration the eyewear brand has orchestrated; for it, the Smiths/Cribs guitarist was asked to use Eno and Schmidt Oblique Strategies (a process/flashcard set developed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in the 1970s to combat songwriting dilemmas) to challenge up-and-coming artists, who wrote new songs using Marr's suggestions and performed them at the party. (Those suggestions included a poem written by Marr, a philosophy quote, a video of Marr, a photo taken by Marr and a map of the Lower East Side.) The guitarist also collaborated with the brand to produce a limited edition sunglasses design.

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Best Coast plays the Angel Orensanz Foundation, after recently scoring a ton of new followers for her Twitter escapades. (Photo: WireImage)

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Among those in attendance, in addition to celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Emma Roberts, were members of Best Coast's Mexican Summer crew: namely, label head Keith Abrahamsson and publicist Jess Rotter. Rotter, whose duties recently expanded from overall PR operations for the label to include a more concentrated effort on the Best Coast campaign, told that frontwoman Bethany Cosentino recently saw a huge influx of Twitter followers (70+) as a result of her live- tweeting a date- gone- horribly- wrong at a restaurant where she and Rotter recently had dinner. The string of tweets snagged Best Coast a nomination for "Most Outrageous Tweet" at MTV's upcoming O Music Awards.

best coast tweet

Read on Twitter Tips from Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino

Cosentino and her band will be re-entering the studio in November to record her sophomore full-length, to be produced by film composer/producer Jon Brion.