CES Backbeat: Where Is Rhapsody President Jon Irwin's Hair? We Know ...
CES Backbeat: Where Is Rhapsody President Jon Irwin's Hair? We Know ...

Rhapsody president Jon Irwin is currently attending CES in Las Vegas with a buzz cut. Here's why:

Irwin set a goal of reaching 1 million subscribers by the end of 2011 during a planning meeting for the year. When somebody asked Irwin what he would do if the goal were reached, he said he would shave his head. It was an off-the-cuff statement that Irwin didn't expect people to remember. "When you make statements like that, you should probably clear it with your spouse," he adds.

But Rhapsody's staff remembered and talked about it more as the company neared the 1-million mark. "Sure enough, as soon as we did they were all over it," says Irwin. "Which was fun."

Lead program manager Jim Santanella takes the clippers to Rhapsody president Jon Irwin's head in honor of the company's one millionth subscriber. (Photo: Jon Maples)

At the end of the workday on December 22, the same day Rhapsody publicly announced it hit the 1 million subscriber mark, Irwin lived up to his pledge. Jim Santanella, lead program manager, was selected from a group of eager volunteers to do the sheering. Irwin just sat back and soaked it in. "There was a big crowd. I poured myself a nice glass of beer and enjoyed the experience."

Irwin says his hair was clipped without an attachment, not shaved with a razor. And he admits the new look hasn't turned out to be such a bad thing. "My wife's getting used to it. And everybody's saying I look younger."