Bubbling Under: 'Life' Begins for Yuna
Bubbling Under: 'Life' Begins for Yuna

Yuna performing at a showcase for Cornerstone and Fader Media Group, which also doubled as a listening party for her self-titled upcoming album. (Photo: Sarah Riazati)

Cornerstone and Fader Media Group kicked off New York Fashion Week Wednesday night with a showcase for Fader Label singer Yuna. Held at Cornerstone client Converse's Rubber Tracks Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the event doubled as a performance from the 25-year-old Malaysian singer and a listening party for her forthcoming self-titled album, due March 27.

Pharrell introduced Yuna and discussed producing some of her tracks off her forthcoming album as well as other collaborations he has been working on of late. (Photo: Sarah Riazati)

Yuna was intro'd by Pharrell Williams, who produced many of the album's key tracks including the new single "Live Your Life" and invited the audience to "hear what we hear" in her music. The jazzy set fused folksy '70s singer-songwriter with tropical rhythms and beats (with traces of Regina Spektor, Sade and Sergio Mendes), and also included her single "Decorate" as well as a stripped-down take on Nirvana's "Come As You Are."

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The intimate crowd was comprised mostly of Cornerstone executives like founder/co-president Rob Stone and Fader Media CEO Andy Cohn, while guests sipped on cocktails compliments of Bushmill's and Qream, Pharrell's vodka-based liqueur. In a very quick chat with Backbeat after Yuna's set, Pharrell said his recent musical work has included Jay-Z ("Glory"), Rick Ross, along with Adam Lambert, the Scissor Sisters and "lotsa pop sh--." He was out the door before we could ask him about his work on the Oscars, where he and Hans Zimmer are musical consultants for the show, which airs Feb. 26.

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But Cohn was also a hot topic at the party, having tweeted a few choice words about his former employer Spin earlier that afternoon. The magazine unveiled its new design on Wednesday featuring March cover band Sleigh Bells, with a Fader-esque aesthetic that prompted Cohn to tweet, "in their continued not-so-veiled efforts to become The FADER, @SPINmagazine named their new issue "THE NOW ISSUE"!!" and shared a picture of Fader's own most recent "Now Issue." Cohn, ahem, playfully declined to comment on the situation when cornered by Backbeat, but his tweets do make further comment unnecessary…