Backbeat: Raphael Saadiq Rocks, L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Predicts Big Adele Grammy Wins @ Delta Party
Backbeat: Raphael Saadiq Rocks, L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Predicts Big Adele Grammy Wins @ Delta Party

Getting the party started (from left) Rafael Saadiq, Raquel Davis, Estelle and L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa meet up at the Getty House for the Delta Air Lines pre-Grammy party. (Photo: Joe Scarnici)

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa set the tone for the pre-Grammy Delta Air Lines party.

"L.A. is a music town," Villaraigosa said Thursday night as he greeted his guests at the Getty House, the official residence of the mayor. "This is the music capital of the United States."

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With those words, hundreds danced the night away and music industry vets such as Quincy Jones and artists from Patti Austin to Estelle and Christina Milian and "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet took time to enjoy an evening themed around celebrating the Grammys as Delta executives greeted the partygoers.

Cristina Milian checks out the model airplane at the Getty house during the Delta Air Lines party in Los Angeles. (Photo: Joe Scarnici)

One of the evening's highlights was a performance by Grammy-winning singer Raphael Saadiq who took some time from his tour with Lenny Kravitz to perform a set for the crowd opening with a soulful "Heart Attack."

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Earlier in the evening, Saadiq told that he was immediately going back on the road after his appearance, but was already starting to think about a new album for release later this year.

"It's probably not going to be '60s inspired," Saadiq said. "I've already done that and I think it's time to try something different."

Raphael Saadiq's managers Damian Smith (left) and Ron Beckham (center) with their star client during the Delta Airlines event in Los Angeles. (Photo: Justino Aguila)

Patti Austin took time out to talk about one of several projects she's currently working on.

"I'm on my way to Germany to start mixing an Ellington project as a live performance," the singer said. "It was responsible for one nomination and one win of a Grammy and so we went back and did another project."

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Austin said that she was once anti-awards until she realized that awards like the Grammys promote the industry.

"It's very subjective," Austin said. "When I was nominated I had my very pragmatic attitude about winning and then they called my name and I became like Kanye. I went completely bananas. It was my 8th nomination."

Villaraigosa said that he he's going to be rooting for many artists but he believes that Adele is going to dominate the Grammys on Sunday.

"Adele is going to steal the show," Villaraigosa predicted. "I think Adele is going to do it. She's just phenomenal and she's going to walk away with a lot of Grammys."

Raphael Saadiq performs at the Delta Air Lines party where he performed a set that got the crowd dancing as they celebrated music at the pre-Grammy event. (Photo: Joe Scarnici)