Benjy Grinberg, John Branca Honored at Primary Violator Grammy Brunch
Benjy Grinberg, John Branca Honored at Primary Violator Grammy Brunch

John Branca (left) with Benjy Grinberg who were honored at the second annual Primary Violator's Manager Brunch (Phil McCarten/PictureGroup)

It wasn't just eggs, French toast, fruit and potent cocktails being served at the second annual Primary Violator Managers Brunch.

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"This is where things get done," said Michael (Blue) Williams, a longtime music manager, who's client list include top names like Cee-lo Green. "I've been managing 20 years. There's a handful of us that know each other. But there are these other managers that … we don't know each other, we don't speak. In the management circle, we don't communicate as much as we should. We don't network. We're so busy trying to take care of our artists, that we're not growing ourselves. Here, we can sit down and break bread, smoke cigars and mingle. Maybe that can lead to a tour or something really happening. In fact, if you see a tour in the fall that don't seem like they make sense? It likely started here."

Michael "Blue" Williams of Primary Violator and Atlantic Records Group Chairman/COO Julie Greenwald. (Phil McCarten/PictureGroup)

The Saturday morning event honored music industry icons Benjy Grinberg and John Branca.

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"It's always great to receive an honor. But we're all passionate about what we do so it really comes from the work we do," Branca said. "I think there's a lot of heart in it."

From left: Michael "Blue" Williams, President of Primary Violator; Justin Shukat, Founding Partner & GM of Primary Wave Music; Peter Shukat, Primary Violator; Chauncey Bell, Primary Violator. (Photo: Phil McCarten/PictureGroup)

Primary Wave CEO Larry Mestel said that it was easy to wheel and deal at Grammy week events like this one because there's less pressure.

"It' s a much more festive, collegial feel," he said. "What we're trying to do with our party is to bring managers and people in the business together because the business is tough. Pele really need to work together. That's what this is all about. We need to make introductions and have more collegial relationships with people."

Goodie Mob (from left): Khujo, Big Gipp, T-Mo managed by Primary Violator's Blue Williams and currently recording a an album slated for summer 2012. (Photo: Phil McCarten/PictureGroup)

From left: David Simone, Partner of Primary Wave Music; Winston Simone, Partner of Primary Wave Music; John Branca. Photo: Phil McCarten/PictureGroup)