Music tech gatherings abounded in Austin Tuesday evening as SXSW's interactive conference ended, and the music attendees arrived in greater numbers. missed the SXSW Music Tech Meet-Up at the Belmont (sponsored by Songkick, MXP4, SoundCloud, Topspin Media, Virb and others) but hit up two others.

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Over at RootMusic's impressive BandPage HQ on East 7th Street, the Music Tech Mashup had an open bar and six hours of live music to lure a large crowd. The bill featured Shinobi Ninja, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, Daedlelus and the Heartless Bastards, who provided the first "holy shit!" set of SXSW for Topspin Media CEO Ian Rogers. chatted with a busy J. Sider (CEO, RootMusic), Chris Wiltsee (Director of Business Development, RootMusic), a just-arrived-in-Austin Bryan Calhoun (VP, New Media, SoundExchange), Jeffrey Liebenson (Liebenson Law and president, International Association of Entertainment Lawyers) and Bryn Boughton (chief marketing officer, BlinkerActive).

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The three-stage party - and the entire RootMusic presence at this year's SXSW - was a big leap forward from RootMusic's low-budget guerilla marketing at SXSW 2010 when, according to Wiltsee, Sider took to the sidewalks of Austin and created BandPages for artists on the spot.

Bryn Boughton (Chief Marketing Officer, BlinkerActive) and Stefan Goldby (Executive Producer, Buzzine Networks) (Photo: Glenn Peoples)

Earlier in the evening, the 3rd Annual SXSW MusicTech Happy Hour at El Sol Y El Luna on busy 6th Street was a hive of activity. Among the people ran into were Jeff Bronikowski (Head of Strategy and Corporate Develoopment, the Echo Nest), Bill Wilson (VP, Digital Strategy and Business Development, NARM), David Krinsky (Music Business Development Manager, Android at Google) and Ted Kartzman (Music Business Development Manager, Android at Google). Sponsored the Rdio, the event featured some classy Rdio-branded beer cups (sorry, no pictures of the cup) and a lot of beer.

(left to right) AJ Magnuson (VP Product, FanBridge), Jeff Bronikowski (Head of Strategy and Corporate Develoopment, the Echo Nest) (Photo: Glenn Peoples)

(left to right) Dave Haynes (SoundCloud), Chris Mortimer (Director, CRM & Social, Interscope Records) and Noah Dinkin (co-founder and president, FanBridge) (Photo: Glenn Peoples)