kitchen Bumstead recording artists Poor Young Things get some assistance from members of gold-selling act The Trews at the Bumstead Kitchen Party in a hotel suite at the Fairmont Royal York during CMW. (Photo: Luther Mallory)

Larry Wanagas, who launched Bumstead Productions back in 1979 and received this year's Music Managers' Forum's Honor Roll recognizing outstanding achievements and excellence in Canadian and international artist management - he managed k.d. lang for years and his chief client now is gold-selling rock band the Trews - decided to go big this Canadian Music Week, or at least bigger than he has in past years.

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He rented the Laurier Suite at the Fairmont Royal York to put on the Bumstead Kitchen Party. A kitchen party is a Newfoundland term for exactly that, once-upon-a-time merrymakers drinking and partying around a wood stove in the kitchen, as a couple of musicians played traditional music. That was not the case here, but three of the acts on his roster are from the East Coast of Canada: The Trews, Tim Chaisson and Two Hours Traffic.

The showcase took place from 1 until 4 p.m. with members of The Trews sitting in with Two Hours Traffic, Poor Young Things and Tim Chaisson.

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"This is the first time I've done this," Wanagas told Billboard, as Poor Young Things played with Colin and John-Angus Macdonald of The Trews. "It was a few things. It was a special year for me at CMW and also a unique opportunity where all four of our artists are in Toronto at the same time. That's pretty rare, since two of them live in Prince Edward Island [Two Hours Traffic and Chaisson]. So it just seemed like the right time to try something. Others have done it before and I've watched it be successful for them. It seems to be turning out well. I'm happy with it."

That evening, at Bymark restaurant, he would be honored by the Music Managers Forum. Donald K Donald Entertainment's Donald Tarlton C.M. and Terry Flood would also receive the 2012 MMF Canada Pioneer Award at the same reception.

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"My wife and my two sons are gonna be with me and my dear friend Bob Hunka who is doing the induction so that should be fun. I've got a cheat sheet in my back pocket," Wanagas says of a speech.