Sean "Diddy" Combs, brand ambassador for CIROC vodka, at an event for the libation in Beverly Hills.

Sean "Diddy" Combs stopped by the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday night to extend a "thank you" to the many bloggers and online entertainment sites that have played a part in the rise of CÎROC vodka.

Press were escorted to a private room in the back of the hotel outfitted with a bar of course full of CÎROC-infused cocktails. Ryan Stender, Integrated Marketing and PR rep with The Blue Flame Agency, greeted the crowd, ushered them to the bar and proceeded to hype CÎROC's market successes.

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Sean "Diddy Combs," Diddy finally arrived (an hour and a half late), at the tail end of the event, when more than half the crowd had left. The CÎROC ambassador, who partnered with Diageo in 2007 on a strategic alliance to oversee and manage all branding and marketing initiatives for the vodka, expressed his appreciation for the many writers, reporters, bloggers, and editors in the room and social media in general".

"CÎROC has been built and made a success through social media - through the different sites, through the different blogs, through the different bloggers," said Combs. In support of his social media praise, Combs rattled off some statistics: "I went and did some research yesterday. CÎROC is mentioned every eight seconds online. Our competitor, Grey Goose is mentioned every one minute and some change. That's a big deal. We get a lot of support from you guys because you guys know what tastes good and y'all are up all night blogging - probably drinking CÎROC - and you like to have a good time but this brand has been made and will go to the future and will become the #1 ultra premium vodka because of social media.

Combs also mentioned that over the course of the last four years, CÎROC has gone from No. 45 ultra premium vodka to No. 2, currently sitting right below Grey Goose.

Having recently announced plans for a 2013 launch of his new Comcast network, Revolt, Combs told the crowd that he'd love to continue leveraging his endeavors in the blogosphere and social media world, stressing the importance of new media as a branding and marketing medium.

He closed his speech with "CÎROC on me. CÎROC on me. Drinks for everybody!" which inevitably led to a rush to the bar.

Sean "Diddy" Combs holding one of the CIROC screnn-printed t-shirts.

Nestled in one corner was Joshua Ballinger from Family Industries who assisted guests in creating custom "California," "Rodeo Drive," "Sunset Strip" and "Hollywood Blvd" CÎROC screen-printed t-shirts.

Spotted in the crowd were writer Dahvi Shira; Domestic Divas food blogger Jennifer Brody; Rex Pham of; Hollie McKay, an entertainment reporter for Fox News; and Caroline Roman from The Daily Truffle.