Backbeat: Slash Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Honored By Charlie Sheen, DJ Jim Ladd
Backbeat: Slash Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Honored By Charlie Sheen, DJ Jim Ladd

Slash holds his Hollywood Walk of Fame star. (Photo: Scott Uchida)

Hollywood was filled with top hats, afro wigs, tattoos and leather on Tuesday as Slash became the first member of Guns N' Roses to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Festivities kicked off with the master of ceremonies, Charlie Sheen, poking fun at Axl Rose and bestowing his rock guitarist pal with lavish compliments, telling the crowd, "It's quite fitting that Slash is getting a star on the very street Axl Rose will one day be sleeping on. This star is going to be stepped on more than the coke we did in the '80s."

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Film producer Robert Evans said a few words before passing the mic to veteran rock radio DJ Jim Ladd who spoke of Slash being a sincere and deserving civilian. The focus was then shifted to the front of the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe for the unveiling of Slash's star. The rocker's wife, Perla, and children London and Cash were in attendance as were former Guns N' Roses bandmates Gilby Clarke and Steven Adler.

Following the ceremony, Slash posed for pictures but the real party began inside the Hard Rock where Slash walked a red carpet and performed acoustically with frontman Myles Kennedy.

Clockwise from bottom left: Leron Gubler, President/CEO Hollywood Chamber of Commerce; film producer Robert Evans; radio DJ Jim Ladd; Charlie Sheen; Christopher Barton, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board; Hollywood Councilman Tom Labonge; and Slash. (Photo: Scott Uchida)

Slash told .biz that he's honored to have been selected to receive a star on the boulevard and that "it's nice that somebody would actually take the time to say, 'Yeah you deserve a spot on the sidewalk with everybody else." He explained that having his name immortalized on Hollywood Blvd. feels surreal. "It's always going to be there so every time I come down here I'll see it. And people will be walking over me like they always have."

The iconic guitarist also explained that he and Kennedy are busy in "work mode" promoting their latest album, Apocalyptic Love which came out on May 22nd. "I've been working on some film scoring but we're on tour for right now till December and then we're gonna do some other stuff next year."

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We caught up with radio legend Ladd to ask about his favorite memory associated with Slash. "Once when I was out of work and I got rehired at a radio station, Slash sent a big basket of stuff over - there was booze in it… Jack Daniels -- just saying congratulations. He was always there whether I was on the air or off the air." Ladd said that he and Slash have been friends "since the beginning," right when Guns N' Roses took off and that Slash is extremely deserving of all that he's accomplished throughout his career. Ladd recently went over to Sirius XM to do the weekday Jim Ladd Show. "It's free form radio meaning I get to pick everything, which not everybody gets to do anymore." He also told .biz that he's working on a TV show and a movie. "As everyone in Hollywood does, I have a script. It's based on KMET."

adler Jim Ladd (left) and former Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler hanging outside the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler shared tales of hanging with Slash back in the day. "Being with Slash is so exciting. We used to ditch school everyday and walk up and down Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd and check out all the stars." He admitted to being so anxious for Slash to receive a star that he was shaking in the car on the ride over to the ceremony. "I know it's Slash's day but I was so nervous for him. It's so exciting!"

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Adler said he's been keeping busy with his latest band, "Adler," and is in the midst of finishing up a new record. "It's getting mixed now by Jay Ruston. We're rehearsing every day and getting ready to perform our first show and prove ourselves." Adler hopes the project's debut album will be ready by September. "I thought it was going to be much easier to put a record out but it's not that easy. It's been a while!"

Following the event, Eileen Mercolino, brand marketing and events manager at the Hard Rock Cafe, announced that Slash had generously donated some clothing items to be showcased in the restaurant -- a pair of red shoes that he'd worn since the end of the Use Your Illusion tour through his days with Velvet Revolver, a leather shirt, a t-shirt, and a pair of lace-crotch leather pants which Slash said had been worn since the late 80's and had definitely never been washed. Mercolino also announced that Slash would be donating the Gibson Songwriter Deluxe guitar that he had just finished playing to which he replied, "Which I'd like to keep." The crowd laughed as she looked him in the eye and exclaimed, "You promised! You can hold onto that for one more minute."

Slash thanked the crowd for "capping off their day" by letting him and Kennedy play for them. He dismissed the crowd, saying, "I recommend that you all get really f---ing drunk now."