Manuel and Julian Turizo

Julian Turizo, Juan Diego Medina Velez; Manager, Manuel Turizo and Nir Seroussi; President, Sony Music Latin. 

Courtesy of La Industria, Inc.

The brothers bring an urban, upbeat sound & the new venture includes the management company La Industria Inc.

Urban duo Manuel and Julián Turizo have signed a contract with Sony Music Latin.

The Turizo brothers, known for their charming and upbeat music, join Sony Music Latin in a deal that includes the Colombian-based management company La Industria Inc., their managers, according to their reps.

"We dream that our music reaches all corners of the planet," said Manuel Turizo. "It's a blessing that each time we are closer to what we have been dreaming."

Sony Music Latin President Nir Seroussi and La Industria's, Inc.'s Juan Diego Media were present for the official signing. The brothers are currently at work on their new project in addition to preparing for a U.S. tour, scheduled for October. 

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