Paty Cantu

Paty Cantu

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The Mexican singer/songwriter opens up about expanding her musical perspective as she grappled with a health scare and decided that "now" is what matters most.

Paty Cantú feels liberated, happy and like a child. She's enjoying and embracing every minute.

"I'm excited in this childish kind of way because of the way things happened in this pure way," the Mexican pop singer tells Billboard exclusively about making new music, along with news of her upcoming U.S. tour. "I was not thinking of it as a business. It was about the art."

Cantú's May release of #333 is her first studio album in several years and meant that the singer dove into a soul-searching journey that literally took her around the world to absorb new cultures, meet new people and commence a life-changing experience she ultimately calls a "cathartic" passage that also opened up a world of music exploration and experimentation.

"It's very exciting because there are all these possibilities in front of me that come out of music," said Cantú, who earlier this year performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards along with Luis Fonsi and Karol G. "My language, my armor of peace and my flag of diversity all come from music and songs. I got to know people whom I call friends today."

In person, Cantú's spirit is confident, at peace and mindful, and in conversation, it's evident she's unapologetically in command of her own path, personally and professionally. She enjoys wearing different hats as a singer, producer and composer who thrives on collaborations and fusing sounds, such as R&B, hip-hop, cumbias, electronica and trap, among others.

In #333, Cantú offers a variety of tracks rooted in different musical moods. The mix of themes range from romantic to upbeat in songs such as "No Fue Suficiente" (It Was Not Sufficient) with Colombia's Karol G and Guatemala's Jesse Baez in "Miento" (I Lie).

The former Lu lead singer, who went solo in 2008, said that in recent years, she had a few health issues that made her feel vulnerable and caused her to rethink the pace of her life. Although her health issues were ultimately not as severe as suspected, it was an opportunity for the singer to approach life differently.

"I was told I might have leukemia, I was told I might have lupus," Cantú said, adding that the results were ultimately not life-threatening. "Then we had all these earthquakes. Then I thought, 'It's about today, the blessing and creating, communicating, connecting and not comparing yourself to the person next to you.' It's about making your own way."

Cantú wants her fans to know that even when there are challenging moments, the choices made are critical. "If you have ever felt alone or in despair and different, you're not alone," the singer says.

As for her first U.S. tour, Cantú promises it will be even more special, as the show itself will also evolve and include new music, guests and many other surprises. 

"This is the concert, my one true love," Cantú said proudly. "You know when you know. Expect other duets that are coming soon that may not be on the album, but will be on the tour. I'm excited to bring this show to the U.S. and other countries as a Mexican, woman and musician."

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