Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson performs at the afterparty for the premiere of Warner Bros. Picture's "The Dukes of Hazzard" at the Chinese Theater on July 28, 2005 in Los Angeles.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Willie Nelson abruptly ended his show in San Diego last weekend due to breathing difficulties. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Nelson had barely begun his opening number, “Whiskey River,” before concluding the performance early; he was coughing and experiencing difficulty breathing as he exited the stage.

Nelson’s publicist told the Union-Tribune that the 84-year-old country legend was suffering from either “a bad cold or the flu” and was returning to Texas to recuperate. In addition, Nelson has canceled his three upcoming shows in Palm Springs, Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada, this week. Mitch Gershenfeld, the president and CEO of McCallum Theater, where Nelson’s concert was scheduled in Palm Springs, told the Desert Sun that the theater is attempting to reschedule Nelson’s show for a later date. Nelson has yet to announce any cancellation of his February shows, which begin in Georgia on Feb. 7.

In August, Nelson ended a show near Salt Lake City early due to altitude sickness.

This article originally appeared on SPIN.