Ozuna SBS Radio Takeover

Ozuna SBS Radio Takeover

SBS/La Musica

On Friday, the rising star will become the first urban act to do so with his debut album, 'Odisea.'

For the first time in the Latin radio history, SBS will allow an urban act to “take over” their airways. On Friday, the network is teaming with urban rising star Ozuna to exclusively premiere his album debut, OdiseaBillboard has learned.

Ozuna will take over the most important SBS radio stations such as Mega 97.9 in New York (the most listened Latin station in the U.S.), El Nuevo Zol 106.7 in Miami, Mega 96.3 in Los Angeles and La Nueva 94.7 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and 94.1 in Mayagüéz, Puerto Rico. Every station will play a song of his album every hour in a 24-hour period starting tomorrow (Aug. 25) at midnight. The singer will be also hosting as a guest DJ.

"We have been Ozuna's artistic career main contributors since the beginning and he is one of the artists that SBS has always identified with," said Jesús Salas, executive vice president of programming for SBS. "He has demonstrated once again that he is a true innovator and we are honored to partner with him on the historic release of his new album after countless radio hits at the top of the charts.”

The partnership also includes exclusive content in the LaMusica app. "Together, SBS and LaMusica App connect people who are passionate about music with the world's most iconic artists through unique experiences like this," added Raúl Alarcón, SBS President.

This week on Billboard charts, Ozuna scored eight total entries on the Hot Latin Songs ranking for the second week in a row after releasing “Que Va,” with Alex Sensation.