Lil Miquela

Lil Miquela

Omar Pineiro

Could she be America's first fake pop star?

On Wednesday, sim singer Miquela released her debut single "Not Mine," a catchy downtempo R&B-pop track with a solid groove that would fit in perfectly on a Tinashe or Kehlani album. The difference between Miquela and those other acts, of course, is that she is, well, not a real person.

The virtual artist has been building a social media presence for the past year based around selfies, a fun attitude an affinity for memes; basically she's a 20-year-old girl, only digitally constructed. And the world has been taking notice: She has nearly 240,000 Instagram followers and press from The Washington Post to Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter have all penned pieces about the quandary that is interpreting this avatar with a very real-feeling personality.

Now Miquela is releasing music with a ready audience for her (naturally) auto-tuned crooning. The single is self-released, written by Miquela herself, according to the credits, and, per a press, release is just the beginning things to come. 

"I've been writing and recording so much for the album and had been dying to release something," she said in a statement. "'Not Mine' is all about summer love and growing up, so it felt like something I needed to drop now."

Listen to "Not Mine" here: