Bryan Dellosa 

Hypnosis is very chill. There's nothing for you to do but breathe and unwind. Allow the icy grip of nothingness wash over your whole body. Don't be scared -- this is all perfectly normal.

You are now being brain washed by Rezz and her crew of mind-numbing music makers. The hot, rising star of the mau5trap set is hitting the road on an international tour that will amaze your sense as it renders you helpless to resist. The Mass Manipulation World Tour supports Rezz' upcoming album, Mass Manipulation, and sees supporting performances from Black Gummy, Crywolf, Drezo, Eprom, K?D, No Mana, and more.

She entices fans with a new music video for her single "Relax." There's a definite undertow of anxiety. “Relax” uses a sample from one of those hypnosis-to-sleep videos you've definitely used via YouTube. But the creepy breathing and sounds of cameras going off add to the pulsing bass that, keeping you on just enough of an edge to realize something might be wrong here. Those creepy sounds come to life in the bone-chilling music video. The opening monolog alone will have your hair on end.

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the Mass Manipulation World Tour, and peep the creepy "Relax" music video below.