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On Thursday (Oct. 29), Billboard reached a milestone 5 million followers on Facebook

In the past year, Billboard's Facebook page has grown by nearly 1.25 million likes, increasing by almost one-third. 

Billboard Ranked No. 1 U.S. Brand on Twitter

Over this time, the page's most popular posts have been stories covering Justin Timberlake's first public baby photos, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris topping Forbes' Highest-Paid Celebrity couples ranking and Lady Gaga and Swift's mutual words of support. Following those were articles on Swift donating $15,000 to a firefighter's family in need and her 1989 album outselling her past two releases

Meanwhile, our Billboard Hot 100 Hits video series on Facebook has also picked up significant attention, with features on Katy Perry, Eminem, Rihanna and others' biggest hits garnering more than a half-million views each.


The news follows the announcement that Billboard was named the leading U.S. brand on Twitter with 6.1 million engaged actions in Q3.