Steve Baltin and Annie Lennox on "Riffing With"

Steve Baltin and Annie Lennox on "Riffing With"


Annie Lennox, Perry Farrell, John Lydon and the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne are the first four guests on the new music interview series Riffing With, which premiered Thursday (Oct. 15) on Hulu.

The show, hosted by longtime Rolling Stone writer and regular Billboard contributor Steve Baltin, is formatted as a 30-minute conversation. Other upcoming guests include Brian Wilson, Travis Barker, System of a Down's Serj Tankian and Incubus’ Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger.

Riffing With is just hanging out and talking with great artists,” says Baltin. “Sitting with people like Perry, Serj and Travis in their homes, chilling with artists where they are most comfortable, you find out the most amazing things, like that Perry Farrell bartended for his siblings' parties when he was 5 years old or that Wayne Coyne played quarterback on a football team. I’ve interviewed these artists for years and never knew that about them.”

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“I always like talking with Steve,” Barker says. “He's got a great interview vibe, so when he asked me to do the show, it was a no-brainer and cool because we were able to talk about all the things I love.”

In a preview clip, Lydon opens up about the sense of remorse he still feels about recruiting Sid Vicious into the Sex Pistols -- 36 years after Vicious’ death. “Sidney, to me, I have a very bad sense of guilt because I brought him into the Pistols and I should’ve really considered it a little more deeply,” he says. “I was kind of being selfish at the time. I wanted a friend in the band.”

Below, watch the Lennox interview, or head to Hulu to see the other three episodes released Thursday. All episodes will soon be available as well on Amazon Prime, Virgin Inflight Entertainment and on the Riffing With podcast, as part of a deal with Podcast One.

Riffing With is produced by TV4, Karen Allen’s Glory & Thieves, Baltin and Dilly Gent, who produced the acclaimed series From the Basement.